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True transformation starts within and echoes out, which is why authentically empowered individuals can create seismic shifts!

Please consider donating to Full Circle Venice as we continue to provide space for personal growth and transformation. Your donation TODAY will help innovate spirituality in Venice Beach and beyond! 

At Full Circle, we’ve worked hard for nearly 2 years to foster a social movement that elevates individuals while also tying us together as one community. Since April 2014, our space at 305 Rose Avenue has been a hub of innovation, hosting over 500 spiritually-centered activities that have connected people and transformed lives. With a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood and increases in our rent, our ability to hold space is being challenged.  This parallels what the broader community is facing. As rising rent is displacing artists and condos and commercialism threaten creativity, we’re committed to maintaining a space where all of us can come together to find solutions that make us stronger—as individuals and as a collective.

Your financial support will allow us to sustain the platform we’ve worked so hard to build. Your donations will be used to increase our capacity, renovate our temple, and most importantly bolster and broaden our community programming. We are committed to growing this movement into abundance–and we want to grow with you! 


  • Gunnar Lovelace
  • Lana Ocampo
  • Jillian Hansen
  • Christian S.
  • Kelly Robinson
  • Jake Ryan
  • Grant Gottfurcht
  • Tristan Montoya

Before we launch our membership program—please be sure to sign up for our email list so that we can tell you about it. Members will have privileged access to activities here at Full Circle, including music, community-based yoga and other movement classes, and discounted venue rental. We invite people from outside Los Angeles to join our community via the Internet, as we will have mind-expanding online content available soon.