It all started in an open temple!

In 2014, Andrew Keegan and Gunnar Lovelace co-founded Full Circle Venice with a small group of co-creators and began the journey of building community in the vacant 110-year-old Rose Temple. Thirty-four months later, thousands upon thousands have gathered, coloring Full Circle with their own, unique light. Together, we’ve formed a tribe of people who are committed to co-creating a world with MORE LOVE.

After hosting over 900 spiritual events and community gatherings, the time has come for us to reflect on our experience and begin the process of clearing out of the Rose Temple. We are announcing today that Full Circle will be shuttering its operations indefinitely at the end of February.

Our Full Circle will continue…

During our nearly 3 years of tenancy, the Rose Temple has twice gone up for sale. With amazing support from the community and a dedicated team, we have persevered in a rapidly gentrifying Venice to develop something truly special: a sacred space for people to gather. We are grateful for the opportunity we’ve had from our landlord, who has allowed us to be in an arrangement that has kept our doors open while we’ve worked to find investors and develop a long-term plan for the future. That period has come to an end, however. We remain committed to purchasing the temple and will continue working to line up the funds needed.

We will be fully programming for this month of February, and have a calendar full of exciting events ahead! Our last Activ888 will be on February 26, with our final class offering on February 28. If you’d like to bring an event to Full Circle in this final month, please e-mail, as we do have a few dates still available.

Like a supernova, our light will continue to shine! We are in talks with a few spaces to continue hosting Activ888, signature programming, and periodic special events after we wind down our operations at the Rose Temple. We will also be continuing our online and community presence. We look forward to sharing more news with you soon.

Full Circle is bigger than one building in Venice. Full Circle is a movement. We are a bold community illuminating a large, collective shift. Humanitarian activism, social justice, and progressive values are in the DNA of our millennial generation. The teachings and practices that have colored the Rose Temple these past 34 months have never been more needed in our world. Thank you for co-creating this experience with us. Wherever it is, we trust that our future is bright!

In Service,

The Full Circle Team