We are excited to announce that progress has been made in securing Full Circle’s future in the Rose Temple!

Our organization is currently working with the owners of the property and our investors to finalize an agreement that will allow for the temple to be a permanent home for our community. This will be a significant victory in Venice!

For 3 years, we’ve incubated an emerging culture in the Rose Temple. At the heart of our work is the foundational belief that we are all one: separation and division are merely illusions. This guiding principle has allowed us to cultivate a relationship with our landlord. We are grateful for his generosity and willingness to work with us.

In terms of what this means for Full Circle, we still have many details to work out. For now, we will remain tenants in the Rose Temple as we work to secure more finances. Our operations will remain shuttered during the next few months, as we are focused on raising funding to be able to upgrade our temple and provide an even more ideal environment for our collective.

We are accepting inquiries and only booking on a limited basis — e-mail if you have a filming/photo shoot or larger event that you’d be interested in bringing to the temple. It is our hope to re-launch sometime this summer with a membership program offering regular classes and continue the spirited community events that have brought thousands of us together!

We are so grateful for all the love and support you’ve given us these past 3 years, especially during the most recent months of uncertainty and transition. THANK YOU!

While Full Circle enters a period of redevelopment, we are excited to announce the return of our weekly Sunday ceremony, Activ888 in April! Stay tuned for more details soon.

In Service,
The Full Circle Team