We are a community center in Venice, providing students an opportunity to intern with an impactful, 501(c)3 non-profit. Our mission is to connect conscious community through art, healing and cultural events. This includes music and art gallery events, yoga, healing workshops, family events, guest speakers, film screenings, forums and other cultural activities. We aim to inspire people to get involved and take action within the community.

We are seeking qualified interns and volunteers to specialize and assist with facets of our expansion:

  1. Marketing (operations, strategy, email campaigns)
  2. Graphics and web design –visuals, no coding experience necessary
  3. Administration–payroll, data-entry, documentation (Plus if experienced with excel)
  4. Social media–must be an excellent communicator and extremely savvy with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google +
  5. Filmmaker – creative, intuitive undergrad or graduate of film school that would like to participate in creating a documentary of this community center project.
  6. Photographer- qualified photographer to document our special events.


We are looking for people to start as soon as possible. Interns will receive student credit (if your school offers that option). We require a minimum of 10 hours per week (remote and in office) with potential for moving into a full-time position. Interns will gain substantial hands-on experience in the non-profit sector, and be a part of a conscious social movement in the heart of Venice.


For Volunteers, there is no designated shift time, we appreciate any help we can get. We are especially looking for some extra hands on days of our special events.

The ideal candidate will possess the following qualities:

  • Has a strong handle of Microsoft Office, Excel (Photoshop for Graphics & Design position)
  • Team player and self-starter
  • Passion for activism, creativity and a basic understanding of socio-political and environmental issues
  • Has obtained or is currently working towards a degree in marketing, business, journalism, communications, web-design, psychology, sociology, film-making or environmental sciences (preferred)
  • Owns a laptop and is Mac confident
  • Social media savvy in major social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google +, YouTube and LinkedIn

**Those applying for the social media position should be a college student with a following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He/She will understand how to cross-promote channels, speak on behalf of a brand and increase engagement amongst audiences in all major social media platforms. Preferred to have an active following of no less than 1000 on each platform.

Please submit resume with relevant experience, cover letter explaining why you’re passionate about working for a non-profit community center and any references to amelia@fullcirclevenice.org

(In the subject line please designate which position you are applying for.  If you are applying for the social medial intern please include links to your social platforms)