Jason is the Director of Strategic Development at Full Circle, heading up the organization’s strategic development and communications.

Jason has a diverse background in politics, creative writing, community development, and non-profit management.

At 19 he became the executive director of the Democratic Party in Wichita, KS and was also an integral part of promoting and developing the arts in his hometown. He moved to Los Angeles in 2013 and worked as the senior manager of fundraising events for the Liberty Hill Foundation, which focuses on funding social justice movements. He is also a freelance writer, avid vegan, and student of Kundalini Yoga. Jason is passionate about meditation, artistic expression, activating individuals, and transforming communities.

A proud member of the LGBT community, he believes that Full Circle is a natural home for everyone, especially those who have been shamed or shunned in the past, and that the temple provides a space for much needed healing.