Full Circle’s mission is to activate community through a curation of heart-centered, spirited programming that creates space for authentic connection.


Full Circle’s purpose is to co-create spirit in community. We do this by:

  • Unifying the community
  • Empowering individuals to discover their highest self
  • Fostering a social evolution


Revolution starts within and emanates out. Full Circle is a spiritual community center located in the heart of Venice Beach that offers a curation of activates that bring together like-minded people. Seekers of all backgrounds gather at our 111-year old temple for spiritually centered classes, mindfulness workshops, group meditations, music happenings, and art occasions. We hold space for those seeking inner-growth and community connection.

Full Circle is the organizational heartbeat of an emerging culture that units mind, body, and soul by empowering people from all beliefs and backgrounds to be the brightest versions of themselves. With a fresh approach to spiritual practices, our mission is to transform lives by co-creating spirit in community. We are empowering a new generation by bringing together people and practices that will activate personal growth and allow a ripple of transformation in our culture and community.

Innovating Spirituality

Full Circle recognizes that all of us have unique gifts. Our programming aims to maximize individual integrity and achievement. From empowerment circles that allow men and women to connect with each other in a safe space, to movement classes and breath workshops that transmute tension and stress, to sound healings and meditations that hone into the higher self, we provide an innovative approach to inner-growth. A great example is our weekly Activ888 ceremony on Sunday mornings at 10 AM. A diverse group of people sits together to converse, meditate, and experience music together. It’s open to everyone and demonstrates how we can develop ourselves spiritually while at the same time building community. It’s all about showing up, being present, and activating your highest self!!

Transforming Lives

When people are empowered, progress can occur. Full Circle recognizes that the most important revolution is the transformation that happens inside because inner-growth equals social progress.   Each of us is on a journey to fulfill a unique mission in this life; that charge comes with an awesome responsibility to one’s self. There are lots of ways to transform your own life through mindful-living practices. From daily meditation, to adopting a plant-based diet, to simply taking the time to be aware of your own breath, transformational tools are always being taught at our temple!

Co-Creating Spirit in Community

 Full Circle is a community of people yearning to come together to create a vibrant culture united in the spirit of love, kindness, and compassion. It’s a mindset that welcomes all and knows no borders. In co-creation, we align our unique individual talents to accomplish more together than we ever could by acting alone. We invite you to be part of this process!

Full Circle is an experience–one that yearns for your involvement.

Join us for at Full Circle Venice!